The 10 most beautiful airports

The 10 most beautiful airports in the world, passengers arrive and then not go away

Not just a hub for passengers’ travel needs, these beautiful airports are perfect to the fullest, making every trip a great, memorable experience for travelers.


Recently, the prestigious Skytrax site has opened its annual survey to select the top 15 beautiful airports in the world. In order to select the most deserving name, this website has had to distribute 14 million leaflets in 105 countries. More than 550 airports are included in the list for passengers to choose from, including 39 criteria for flight performance, quality of service … Not simply a clue to the needs of passenger travel, but This airport is also complete to the maximum, making every trip a great, memorable experience for travelers.

And here are 10 named “Best Airport in the World”. Source:

1. Changi Singapore

Changi International Airport is an important gateway to Southeast Asia in particular and Asia in general, with an area of 15 million square meters. Changi Airport has 13,000 employees, serving more than 55 million passengers a year, bringing in over $ 4.5 billion to Singapore. Changi is also the hub of operations for many of Asia’s largest airlines, including Singapore Airlines, Tiger Airways and Quantas Air. This is Changi’s fifth consecutive year in the poll of the world’s best airport.

2. Tokyo Haneda 

Tokyo Haneda International Airport, located in Tokyo’s Ota district, on the Tama River, is located closest to the heart of the city compared to other Tokyo airports. Every year, the airport serves about 75 million visitors with 900 flights arriving and departing each day, but activities from reception, sanitation, security, flight organization are very scientific, rhythmic and solid. Punctual With a streamlined design, Haneda has three terminals (two domestic service stations and one international terminal). The terminals provide support and entertainment services to help passengers get the most convenient and comfortable journeys.

3. Incheon

The first point of visitors on the tour Korea is Seoul International Airport Incheon. Here passengers will be served very thoughtfully and quickly. The average time for passengers is 12 minutes (the world is 45 minutes) and the departure time is 19 minutes (the world is 60 minutes). In addition, issues such as safety, service staff here also make passengers satisfied to the maximum.

4. Munich International Airport

Located in the northeast of Munich’s city center, this is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Each year, the airport serves more than 40 million passengers, including 500 flights a week during the summer. Most passengers here are convinced by the cleanliness, safety, punctuality and quality of service provided by the staff.

5. Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport, formerly known as Chek Lap Kok Airport, commenced commercial operations in 1998. It is one of the largest airports in Asia and the rest of the world, also the gateway to the East. Asia and Southeast Asia. The airport is located on Giac Lac Island – is formed by flattening a mountain and then using that soil to encroach the sea to expand the area of flat land. Inside the airport is designed airy, quiet, beautiful perspective, helping passengers feel relaxed psychic before the flight.

6. Hamad International Airport

Invested up to $ 15 billion, Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, easily captures passengers with its modern beauty. The airport has 5 zones with 138 check-in counters, 2 hotels with more than 200 rooms, swimming pools, mosques and thousands of square meters for shopping and entertainment. This place has the capacity to welcome 8,700 visitors per hour, about 30 million visitors per year.

7. Central Japan International Airport

The full name is Chubu Centrair International Airport Nagoya, which is located on an artificial island off Ise Bay in Nagoya, central Japan. The Cirrair is not a large regional airport, but fully equipped. The sophistication and politeness of the Japanese style. In addition to the basic services of an airport such as check-in counters, information kiosks, VIP rooms, banks …, Centrair has become an interesting meeting point.

8. Zurich Airport

Coming to Zurich Airport, you will be offered services such as banking, post office, wireless Internet, medical and dental services, and even a prayer room. However, the airport is most prominent with porters, they are ready to dismantle, map to all ports for passengers but you must book 24 hours before. In addition, bicycle rental services, and nearby parking are also available.

9. London Heathrow Airport

For a long time, Heathrow International Airport has been regarded as one of the symbols of the architectural, economic and tourism power of the capital, London in particular and England in general. With a total area of 12.14 square kilometers, two runways and five terminals, Heathrow has become the busiest airport in England and on a European scale. Each year the airport has welcomed a total of 75 million visitors, becoming one of the busiest airports in the world.

10. Frankfurt Airport 

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By serving 61 million passengers a year, it is the fourth busiest airport in Europe. Frankfurt Airport is famous for its dynamic, modern beauty and offers passengers a comfortable and comfortable experience.


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