Everything is a good excuse to travel. If you are looking for inspiration for your next adventures, check out our tips below. Photo: Pixabay

Make a rail

We use the terms “trekking” or “hikking” to refer to this type of travel. The idea is to start discovering a destination with your own feet. There are rails for all tastes and physical preparations. Photo: Pixabay

All included

Having a holiday in a hotel or resort by the sea, where you do not have any concerns other than sleeping, eating, going to the baths and relaxing is a pleasure that everyone should have at least once in their life. Photo: Pixabay

Discovering a New Culture

We live within our comfort zone, shaped by our values ​​and the way of living of our country. Traveling to know a new culture is something that makes us look at the world in another way, get out of our comfort zone and be amazed at the diversity. Photo: Pixabay

Travel in time

Knowing castles, forts, ruins or lost civilizations is the most real way to travel back in time and enchant yourself with stories of emperors, kings and knights. Photo: Pixabay

spiritual retreat

More and more travelers are seeking a destination to meditate, reflect and renew their energies, coming into contact with a more spiritual and inner side. Photo: Pixabay

Go on a cruise

Another kind of trip that promises to surprise who does it for the first time. Knowing several destinations to navigate. Photo: Pixabay

Traveling by train

Having the opportunity to make a great trip by train is an unforgettable experience. In Europe, we have the option to make the famous “Interrail”, a possibility to know several countries using the train as a means of transport. Photo: Pixabay


Volunteering and traveling are not incompatible activities. It is possible to be integrated into a job as a volunteer, while taking advantage of knowing a different destination. Photo: Pixabay

Digital Detox

It is a fact: we are increasingly linked and dependent on technology. Have you considered taking a trip to disconnect from all the screens that are part of your life. How about seeing the world again in analog? Photo: Pixabay


Those who have already done so say that it is one of the best experiences one can have. Traveling alone is discovering the meaning of the word freedom and gaining more confidence in yourself. Photo: Pixabay

With friends

Share moments of complicity, visit monuments, go to the glasses, enjoy nature … All this gains another “taste” when shared with true friends. Photo: Pixabay


It is said that a relationship is put to the test when the couple makes a great trip. Traveling two is not always easy but it can be a way to renew feelings and break the routine of a relationship. Photo: Pixabay


Often, the arrival of a child is a pretext not to travel. However, a journey takes on another meaning when made in the family. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, uncles and nephews … it is never too late to travel with our loved ones. Photo: Pixabay

Back to origins

Where are your ancestors from? If you are curious to find out more about your family tree, why not do it through a trip? Photo: Pixabay

Road trip

Of the best sensations of life: driving along a beautiful road, with the windows open, without destination, with a spirit of adventure. This is one of the best souvenirs one can save from a real road trip. Photo: Pixabay

Watch the bottom of the sea

It is one of the experiences that many people would like to do: diving. Take advantage of the next vacation to start observing the marine life if this is your case. Photo: Pixabay

Last minute trip

If you are always looking for last minute opportunities, take the initiative and buy the trip! It is often said that last minute decisions are the best. Photo: Pixabay

In the middle of the forest

Camping, staying in a bungalow or even in a tree house. Having an experience in the mountains is something that renews the energies of anyone. Photo: Pixabay

New Flavors

There are those who only travel to … eat. Yes, gastronomy moves many tourists around the world. How about being a “foodie” on your next trip and going in search of the traditional flavors of the destination in question? Photo: Pixabay

Wine tourism

Discovering a wine region, visiting farmhouses, tasting wines and even participating in the harvest is an experience that we can live in our own country. What are you waiting for? Photo: Pixabay

Via: viagens.sapo.pt


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