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28 photos of amazing pets and wild animals

Donkey among a pile of garbage on the Beach Road in the Gaza Strip.


A female African turtle with one of eight cubs at the Hungarian zoo in Nyiregyhaza.

Piglets on a farm in the slums of Lima, Peru. About 105 families grow pigs in urban areas with poor hygienic conditions, resulting in poor quality pork entering the markets.

 Baby of a Vander (a lion-tailed macaque) with his mother in the aviary of the Berlin Zoo.

Hunting for a hare during the festival in the Kazakh city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Sparrow. The length of his body – 16 cm, weight – 35 grams. Breeds in separate pairs (less often colonies), living directly near the human dwelling.

Sparrows form pairs for life. Many young birds die in the first winter, the average life sparrows is 9-21 months, although there were 11-year-olds.

Pregnancy of the female deer lasts 9 months. He lays in the tall grass, brings one or two calves. The newborn baby deer weighs 7kg.

The deer are in the wild.

A very rare and unusual photo is a duck with ducklings.

The young female Virginia possum scours for self-defense in Bellflower, California.

A greatly frightened opossum falls, pretending to be dead. At the same time, his eyes are glassy, ​​foam is flowing from his mouth, and the anal glands emit a secret with an unpleasant odor. A kind of imaginary death often saves opossum life in the animal kingdom – a predator, sniffing a motionless body, usually leaves.

Anna Julia Torres kisses Jupiter – a lion rescued from the circus 12 years ago. The picture was taken at the Villa Lorena shelter in Cali, Colombia, which was founded by Anna, a 52-year-old teacher 17 years ago. Here live 600 animals, rescued from drug lords, from circuses, from smugglers or simply abandoned by their masters.

Caracal (steppe lynx) named Peggy with his cubs at the zoo in Portland. “Karal” comes from the Turkish word “garahgulak”, which means “black ear”.

The crowned crane is a bird about 104 cm high, wingspan up to 198 cm and weighing about 5 kg., Living in savannas in the Sahel region south of the Sahara, as well as in eastern Africa in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Grape snails live an average of 7-8 years, although an individual who lived up to 30 years of age (but at home, who is not attacked by predators) is registered.

The roe deer is a small deer of graceful build with a relatively short body.

Park at the San Diego Zoo. This rodent reaches a length of 80cm, in height – 34cm. And weighs about 12 kilograms. Dwells in South America to the east of the Andes, as well as in the tropical and subtropical regions of Central America. Lead an active image at night, alone. They live near water bodies, where they hide in case of danger (they dive into the water and hold their breath for a long time). The basis of nutrition of the pack is avocado, mango and seeds.

Mark Hayes, a researcher at the Washington Department of Environmental Protection, pushes the passive transmitter under the skin of the Oregon spotted frog, which will help scientists track this young specimen grown at the Woodland Zoo.

A calf of a rare American anteater, born at the Pad Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona.

Goat in the central square of Bhaktapur (Bhaktapur) – an ancient city in the territory of Nepal, located 15 kilometers southeast of the capital of the country Kathmandu.

North American squirrel (Sciurus aberti) in the park of Boston.

Sviristel (Bombycilla garrulus) – singing bird of the order of passerine.

Black Raven. The life span of this bird in captivity is from 15 to 69 years.

Sinichka at breakfast.

The Tursiops are easy to train, after which they can be released into the sea and they will certainly return. It is known that some dolphins learned up to 25 words during training – they confirmed this by carrying out certain commands submitted by a person.

wild animalsThe original photo entitled “For the construction of the nest.”

Grif. These are typical scavengers from the animal world, which have a dark plumage, an unshakable head, and long wide wings.

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