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Amazing photos of wild animals and pets

Let’s delve into with you once again in the animal world, look at those who inhabit our planet Earth . Below shows you the next portion photographs of human eyes animal as a meditator, a companion, the invader and defender of these amazing wild animals and pets.


Dalmatian Pelican hid his head in feathers, hiding from the rain in the Berlin zoo , Germany. . Bird’s body length is about 180 cm wingspan – about 2 meters. Source: of The The Atlantic

President of the Society for the Protection of the Environment with a 3.5-year-old giraffe named Grace. The zoo attendants often turn to the “photo services” agency in order to get beautiful pictures of their wards. Among other things, they order other photo services – scanning, laminating, copying, digitizing video, and making calendars that are very popular among visitors to the zoo.

The curly pelican flies well and swims superbly. While digging the fish, it immerses only the head, neck and front part of the body in water for a very short time. Almost all the time the pelican spends on the water, raising its wings high to protect them from getting wet. Wet feathers the bird “squeezes” the beak, grabbing at the base and gradually moving the beak to the top of the feather.

 Blue eared pheasant (Crossoptilon auritum). The wildlife of the reserve, located near Mexico City (the capital of Mexico), has more than 320 endangered species of birds.

The inhabitants look at the marine crocodile, which reaches a length of 6.4 meters. He was caught in Agusan del Sur, the Philippines, after having attacked several people. The weight of this individual is more than 1000 kg. According to wildlife rescuers and the Protection Center – this is the largest crocodile in the country to date.

The female of the Amur tiger licks her 7-week-old baby during his first public appearance at the Roev Ruchei Zoo in rasnoyarsk. (see. also from the animal kingdom pictures)

African antelope in the Libyan zoo Tripoli.

Indian soldiers using a bulldozer help an elephant get out of the reservoir of water, where it fell when the herd passed this territory. The photo was made on the territory of the army, 25 kilometers from Siliguri. Soldiers together with representatives of the service of the environment and protection of animals together to save the poor fellow.

The picture taken at the National Museum of History in Paris depicts a completely new kind of animal world that is related to lobsters. It was discovered in 2005 in hydrothermal sewerage.

Melissa Sinclair and Matt Old prepare the 7-year-old Maisy Cow for the International Cattle Show in Glasgow, Scotland. At the exhibition, 30 producers from all over the country were represented, and more than 100 head of livestock participated in competitions in 12 categories.

The puppy with sad eyes watches because of the fence of the shelter for stray dogs in Bucharest. In 2006, September 28 became World Rabies Day. According to EU statistics, Romania has the largest number of wild animals that are rabid (foxes and wolves).

Red ants and other insects they caught near the shore, near Myrtle Grove, after the floods struck by rainfall and hurricane Lee on Louisiana.

Ducklings in an incubator on a farm outside the city of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Two bears in the tundra, Denali National Park in Alaska (the largest state in the US, on the northwestern outskirts of North America). In the park is found about 300-350 individuals. The structure of the body and the appearance of the grizzly is very similar to the ordinary brown bear, but larger, heavier, clumsy and stronger than it.

Grizzly is an interesting animal, which is one of the largest and most ferocious North American predators of the animal kingdom.

The eye of an elephant. The photo was taken at the elephant polo championship in Hua Hin, 160 kilometers south of Bangkok.

Jumping over an obstacle rabbit at the 5th open tournament among rabbits in Rommertz, Germany. The tournament was attended by 80 eared athletes in the categories of light, medium weight, as well as in competitions in jumping.

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