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Amazing pictures from the Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography Awards is now open appointments works for the annual photo contest, here are some of the already submitted. In last year’s competition, for example, was attended by more than 173 thousand photographs. Source: The Atlantic


Photography Awards

In late summer, the European hamster begins to prepare for hibernation. He fills his big cheeks grains, plant roots, insects and drags it all in its burrow.

Photo: © Julian Ghahreman-Rad, Austria, Nature & Wildlife

The beauty of Northern Norway.

Photo: © Manfred Voss, Germany, Travel

The child trains in the pool to take part in the annual triathlon. Picture taken at the resort of Sandsbeach in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Photo: © Petra Van Borm, Belgium, Split Second

Pelicans ask the fish from a zoo employee in Jurong Bird, Singapore.

Photo: © Nikhil Rasiwasia, India, Split Second

A young man kicks on the beach while the waves caress his body.

Photo: © Mildreth Vasquez López, Colombia, Arts & Culture

Motocross in the dunes Villa Gesell, Argentina.

Photo: © Ariel Pasini, Argentina, Split Second

An elderly man praises the heavens, rejoicing at the success that has fallen on him.

Photo: © Otieno Nyadimo, Kenya, Smile

The lizard suddenly attacked the crocodile, basking itself after a hearty breakfast in the sun.

Photo: © Hendy Lie, Indonesia, Nature & Wildlife

A girl named Isadora smiles after bathing.

Photo: © Marcio Yuzo Oshiro, Brazil, Smile

London. The picture was taken on the iPhone from an airplane from Oslo, Norway, to London, Heathrow.

Photo: © Maria Farrelly, UK, Architecture

A group of red flamingos finds out the relationship.

Photo: © Pedro Jarque Krebs, Peru, Nature & Wildlife

Photography Awards

Evening in the heart of the Dolomiti di Sesto, Italy.

Photo: © Stefan Achorner, Austria, Nature & Wildlife

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