Awesome hyper realistic paintings

Omar Ortiz creates awesome hyper realistic paintings

What’s an awesome painting? what’s an amazing artist? There are millions things paintings express that words couldn’t. We will actually never know the exact message the painter is trying to express, but it depends on the point of view of anybody who sees it.


Mexican artist Omar Ortiz creates hyper realistic paintings. Ortiz was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1977. Ortiz graduated from school as a graphic designer, but after painting his first work he stuck and love with it. Most subject of his work are local models. He sells his painting online (his own web) and in some galleries. Ortiz said “I paint because it’s my way of expressing what I have to say”. Since he started painting his first work he has always tried to represent things as real as he can. Sometimes he succeed and some others he does not but it´s a fact that it is very difficult for him to do otherwise.

He enjoy the challenge of reproducing skin tones and it´s nuances under natural light, particularly in bright conditions. He likes simplicity in his pieces since he believes that excesses make us more poor rather than rich. It actually looks easy, but it’s nothing like that. Some of painters said “I’m a painter and I know how hard, yet satisfying, it can be to achieve something as great as that. It’s not as easy as it looks, it is the best way of saying it. Don’t underestimate a painters work, or an architect, lawyer, doctor, builder or any other work”.

Let’s see some awesome work of Omar Ortiz below. More info: Omar Ortize


hyper realistic paintings

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