Awesome photos from underwater photographer of the year

Awesome photos from underwater photographer of the year

Below are the pictures that won the competition “Underwater Photographer of the Year”. Participants from 54 countries competed for the title of the best photographer in 2015.


Winner of the photo contest underwater shooting. In the photo there is a sunken ship near the island of Curacao. © UPY / Thomas Heckmann

The British photographer has photographed the cat shark that has not yet appeared. Photo taken near reef near Thurlestone, Devon, UK. © UPY / Dan Bolt

Sea Horse. Photographed using a long exposure and a macro lens near Sistiana, Italy. © UPY / Davide Lopresti

Millions of crabs (Polybius henslowii) plow the waters in the natural reserve of Berlenga, Portugal. © UPY / Rui Guerra

A huge toothy fish with translucent living organisms on the body. Photo taken in the Red Sea near Egypt. © UPY / Ferenc Lorincz

Sunken car off the coast of Chepstow, UK. © UPY / Marcus Blatchford

A flock of seven Caribbean reef sharks live in a marine reserve in Cuba. © UPY / Mathieu Foulquié

Huge icebergs near Tazilak in Eastern Greenland. The water temperature is about -2 degrees Celsius. © UPY / Tobias Friedrich

A flock of dolphins in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. © UPY / Greg Lecoeur

A tiny luminous living organism hides in brown seaweed on the southern coast of Great Britain. © UPY / Alex Tattersall

To take a picture of the trout, a bait was thrown into the water, which was soon captured by a duck, resulting in such an amazing shot. Picture taken at the river in Hampshire, UK. © UPY / Paul Colley

During the night dive was able to shoot a pair of sea horses. Photographed near Taranto, Italy. © UPY / Gianni Colucci

Diver near a sunken ship in the Cayman Islands. © UPY / Christian Vizl

A small shy little fish hiding in corals was caught by Long Hawkfish. Maldives. © UPY / Damien McGuirk

The crab cleans the parasites of many recently laid eggs. © UPY / Dan Bolt

Shrimp-harlequin, living in Bali. © UPY / Matteo Visconti

Those wishing to compete take part in the swim for a distance of 6 kilometers. Taken off the island of Bergeggi in Liguria, Italy. © UPY / Davide Lopresti

The bull is hiding on corals. Anilão, Philippines. © UPY / Ross Gudgeon

Jellyfish in Palau. © UPY / Behnaz Afsahi

Wrecked tractor with a set of rubber can be observed at the bottom of the Red Sea near Egypt. © UPY / Anders Nyberg

A flock of seagulls near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. © UPY / Alejandro Prieto

A sea turtle is found near Sodwana Bay, in the southeast of Alaska. © UPY / Pier Mane

The bear rakes the gravel in search of a hidden fish. Kamchatka, Russia. © UPY / Mike Korostelev

Sea-bucket or Planktonic Predator. © UPY / George Stoyle

Hawaiian petrel dives into the water for fish. Photographed near Todos Santos, Mexico. © UPY / Alejandro Prieto

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