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Awesome photos of zoo animals in captivity

Zoo – a museum of living nature, created by man. According to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, more than 600 million visitors pass through the gates of more than 1,300 zoological parks, reserves and oceanariums around the world every year to watch wild animals in captivity.


Elke, a cub of a rare species of monkeys “Francois Langur”, five days old, at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The main feature of these animals – a bright orange color in childhood, which, as we grow older, turns into black. Photo credits: REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

In the photo, the giraffe cub nestles against a zoo worker in San Francisco, California. Male giraffe reach 5.5 meters in height and weigh up to 900 kilograms (females a little lower and easier). The duration of pregnancy is 14-15 months. The light appears only one cub, the birth of which occurs in the standing position (it will fall from a height of two meters). The newborn giraffe reaches 1.8 meters in height and 50 kilos of weight. Although an hour after birth the calf is already firmly on its feet, in the herd it will be admitted only after two or three weeks. Photo credits: AP Photo/George Nikitin, San Francisco Zoo
Three Sumatran tigers play in the San Diego Zoo. These tigers are listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. About 400 animals remained in the wild on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia , mostly in national parks. Photo credits: KEN BOHN/AFP/Getty Images
Skin of a hippopotamus. Zoo in Berlin, Germany. Photo credits: AP Photo/Franka Bruns
Hatchling white rhino with his mother in the Serengeti Park, northwestern Germany. Photo credits: NIGEL TREBLIN/AFP/Getty Images
Eight giant pandas were delivered to the Beijing Zoo especially for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics and the Olympic Games in China . These animals were brought from Sichuan Province, where a terrible catastrophe occurred recently. Photo credits: REUTERS/Jason Lee
The kangaroo cub looks out of the incubator at the zoo in Belgrade, Serbia. He fell out of his mother’s bag when she started running away, frightened of something. Now the baby should stay for a while in the incubator, where the necessary temperature is maintained (35 degrees Celsius) and served every two hours with special milk supplied from the US and Germany. Photo credits: REUTERS/Ivan Milutinovic
The 27-year-old mother of the orang-utan and her 6-month-old baby. Photo taken at the zoo in Brookfield, Illinois. Photo credits: AP Photo/Chicago Zoological Society, Jim Schulz
Dolphin in one of the pools of the Nuremberg Zoo, Germany. Photo credits: TIMM SCHAMBERGER/AFP/Getty Images
A family of camels in an open-air cage in the Berlin zoo. An adult camel can weigh up to 800 kilograms and live up to 40 years. They are also able to survive without water for up to two weeks, and without food – up to a month. Photo credits: AP Photo/Maya Hitij
The gorilla babe sleeps on the back of her mother at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany. Males can reach a height of two meters and weigh more than 250 kilograms (females weigh two times less), these monkeys live up to 50 years. Sexual maturity comes in 11 years, every 4 years the female gives birth to only one cub, which remains with her until the next; The pregnancy lasts 8.5 months. Photo credits: AP Photo/Martin Meissner
Two 6-week-old leopard cubs are sitting in a basket in the zoo in Hamburg, in the north of Germany. Photo credits: ROLAND MAGUNIA/AFP/Getty Images
Leopard leopard on arrival at the new residence in the zoo Hagenbeck, Germany. Photo credits: Joern Pollex/Getty Images
Ostrich with bread in the Serengeti Park, northwestern Germany. This is the largest bird from living now – 250 centimeters in height and up to 150 kilograms in weight. Photo credits: NIGEL TREBLIN/AFP/Getty Images
Predators in the mobile zoo, photo A mobile zoo employee throws meat to the lion and tiger, which was transferred by the local residents. The city of Sosnovoborsk, north-east of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. About 30 animals remained in terrible conditions (without food, water, in not cleaned cages) for several days after the Russian migration service deported the Armenian owners of the mobile zoo from the country due to overdue visas. Photo credits: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin
A young brown bear poked his head under the grating of his cage (4 square meters) in a mobile zoo in Sosnovoborsk, Russia. Photo credits: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin
A lion named Caesar is one of seven predators transported from the Romanian zoo to the reserve near Bethlehem in South Africa. Photo credits: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings
The lemur baby in its six months has already reached 6 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm) and weighs about 5 ounces (1 ounce = 28.35 grams). Photo credits: Globe Staff Photo/Wendy Maeda
Behemoth at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC. American actors Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart with her son Liam came to look at the three-ton animal that the zoo employee shows them. Photo credits: JESSIE COHEN/AFP/Getty Images
Frog Harlequin in the zoo in the city of El Valle, Panama. Photo credits: REUTERS/Alberto Lowe
A female gorilla shows her newborn baby to visitors of the Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp. Photo credits: Marten van Dijl/AFP/Getty Images
A giraffe baby, who recently turned one month old, is standing next to his mother at the zoo in Hanover, Germany. Photo credits: NIGEL TREBLIN/AFP/Getty Images
Brown bear Pedro lies on the ground and poses for photographing his visitors. Photo taken at the Zoo in Switzerland. Photo credits: AP Photo/KEYSTONE/Peter Klaunzer
Greg Clark shows one of the digging owls, which are being prepared to be released near Kingman, Arizona. Greg is one of the participants in the Voluntary Nonprofit Organization, which is engaged in the conservation of wildlife. Photo credits: AP Photo/Kingman Daily Miner, JC Amberlyn
The Amur tiger roars while eating meat at the zoo in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo credits: AP Photo/Keystone, Urs Flueeler
The small penguin (the smallest species of the penguin family) that was treated at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney is released back into the ocean. Photo credits: REUTERS/Daniel Munoz
A small penguin named North returns to the natural habitat after a 2-month treatment at the Sydney Zoo. Photo credits: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
Charlie, the male of the Sumatran orangutan, lies next to the palm leaves in the Singapore zoo. Photo credits: AP Photo/Wong Maye-E
The yellow mongoose is under general anesthesia while undergoing medical examination in the veterinary surgery of the London Zoo, England. Photo credits: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Teeth of a yellow mongoose are examined in a veterinary clinic at the London Zoo. In this medical institution, more than a hundred animals are examined annually, from frogs to gorillas. Photo credits: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
The eyes of the dominant male gorilla stared at the suspicious, from his point of view, visitor to the zoo in Yaounde (the capital of Cameroon). Photo credits: REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly
With a washcloth on his head, the male Baikal seal named Billy performs the number “swim in a hot spring,” at a zoo in Hakone, west of Tokyo. A six-year seal took three months to learn its role and play in this play. Photo credits: AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye
Two Himalayan bear cub at the San Diego Zoo. Photo credits: AP Photo/San Diego Zoo, Tammy Spratt
Polar bears Bill and Lara during their first meeting at the Gelsenkirchen Zoo, Germany. The male was brought from the Czech Zoo as a new partner for Lara. Photo credits: AP Photo/Martin Meissner
The Arctic Fox is a new resident of the Rotterdam Zoo. Photo credits: VALERIE KUYPERS/AFP/Getty Images
16-year-old male hamadryl, 10-year-old female and their 4-week-old baby in the zoo in Munich.
Gamadryl – a fairly large monkey, reaches 80 centimeters in height and weighs about 30 kilograms (there are also 50-kilogram specimens). Females reach puberty by the age of 4, the pregnancy lasts 8 months, the hamadry live up to 30 years. Photo credits: JOERG KOCH/AFP/Getty Images

A five-day elephant next to his 22-year-old mother in the zoo in Berlin. Photo credits: STEFFI LOOS/AFP/Getty Images
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