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Awesome winter pictures of Siberian and Europe

The astronomical winter on the planet continues from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth is from 22 December to 21 March, and in the Southern Hemisphere, from 22 June to 21 September. Below are awesome winter pictures of Yakutsk, an icy embankment near Geneva (Switzerland), icy rain in Bucharest and much more.



awesome winter picturesA man is walking along a tunnel that decorates ice crystals from the surrounding permafrost. Photographed near the village of Tomtor in Oimyakon, a valley known as the northern “pole of cold” (in 1933, the temperature reached here a mark of -67.8 degrees Celsius (-90 degrees Fahrenheit)).
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A minibus rides on an icy winter road across the Lena River outside Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha, in the northeast of Russia. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

In winter, in the village of Tomtor, the thermometer shows a temperature of about -55 degrees Celsius. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

37-year-old Andrey Vinokurov, a wrestling coach, in the village of Tomtor. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

awesome winter picturesSmoke spreads over the houses in the village of Maralayi, the Republic of Sakha. Despite the harsh climate, many people live in the Oymyakon Valley, where there are schools, post office, bank, and even a runway that is open only in the summer. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Traffic lights and road signs are covered with hoarfrost and snow. Photo taken in Yakutsk, in the north-east of Russia. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

A frozen car is parked near a children’s playground in Yakutsk. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

The 35-year-old Ruslan loads blocks of ice onto the truck. Photo taken outside Yakutsk. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

 Ice sculptures on the Lena River, specially built for the celebration of Orthodox Baptism. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Winter in Tomtor village, Oimyakon valley. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

People are waiting for the traffic light to cross the road. Yakutsk. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Loggers Alexei Egorov (45 years old) and Semen Vinokourov (53 years old) in the winter forest near the village of Tomtor. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

The dog, curled up in a ball, tries to warm up somehow. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

The car rushes along the snow-covered road past the meteorological station, which is 500 kilometers to the north-east of Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

The roof of the house is covered with frozen snow. Picture taken in the village of Tomtor. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Meteorologist, 41-year-old Sergey Burtsev, is preparing to launch a balloon. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Sargilana hangs laundry washed laundry. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

35-year-old Igor Vinokurov cleans snow from frozen clothes. Photo taken in the winter in the Republic of Sakha. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

A local resident passes by a sign with the inscription “Oymyakon – Pole of Cold”, installed on the site of a former meteorological station in the village of Oymyakon. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

The sky over the lake Labykyr. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

43-year-old Alexander Gubin is preparing to immerse in Lake Labynkyr, located a hundred kilometers from Oimyakon. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Snowy landscape – the original photo was made near the meteorological station in the Oymyakon valley in the northeast of Russia. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

A woman passes by a building on which a placard hangs, showing the local time, temperature, humidity and air pressure in Yakutsk. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

Children, dressing warmly in this frosty winter, run along the central square in the village of Tomtor. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

One of the yards of Yakutsk. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

A woman in front of a pedestrian crossing. Traffic lights, signs, poles – everything is covered with hoarfrost. In Yakutsk -46 degrees Celsius. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

 People are basking in the cab of their truck in the village of Ytyk-Kyuyol, Republic of Sakha. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

 Cars rush past the frosty road signs. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

 Frosty winter in Yakutsk. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

 A woman sells frozen fish in the farmers’ market. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

On one of the most beautiful photos a cloud is hanging near the meteorological station in the Republic of Sakha. Images credits: Maxim Shemetov

The boy is sitting in front of a car covered with a thick layer of ice. Photo taken in Versoix, near Geneva, Switzerland. Image credits: Reuters/Denis Balibouse

The moon rises above the snow-covered trees in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area, Germany. At night, the temperature dropped to -22 degrees Celsius. Image credits: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

The ancient Colosseum is seen through a heavy snowfall, played late at night in Rome, Italy. Image credits: Reuters/Gabriele Forzano

A child rides a bicycle on a frozen river near the village of Ragana, in Latvia. Image credits: Reuters/Ints Kalnins

The local walrus. Photo taken in Prague on the Vltava River (Vltava). The water temperature reaches 3 degrees Celsius, and the air temperature is minus 9. Image credits: Reuters/David W Cerny

The deer in winter Richmond Park, in western London. Image credits: Reuters/Olivia Harris

An elderly woman asks for charity while people pass by. The air temperature is about -13 degrees Celsius. Picture taken in Kiev, Ukraine. Image credits: Alexa Stankovic/AFP/Getty ImagesReuters/Gleb Garanich

The lion plays with a snowball. Belgrade Zoo, Serbia. Image credits: Alexa Stankovic/AFP/Getty Images

The frozen embankment. Photo taken at the shore of Lake Geneva in the city of Versoix. Image credits: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

The girl walks along the icy sidewalk near Lake Geneva. Image credits: Reuters/Denis Balibouse

Icicles formed on the tree after the icy rain hit Bucharest (the capital of Romania). Image credits: Reuters/Bogdan Cristel

Ducks on the river Svisloch in the central park of Minsk. Image credits: Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko

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