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Best 10 countries for adventurous travelers

Do you like adventure? To feel the adrenaline to the maximum? These are the 10 most suitable countries for adventurous travelers.




Country offering numerous activities such as: canoeing, climbing, forest walks, kayaking, safaris and rafting.


Walking along the trails of the Pontresina Bernina Nordic Park revitalizes the body, soul and senses. In a unique natural field, surrounded by imposing mountain peaks, you will be guided through stone pine forests. Do paragliding at the peak of the mountains, rafting on the Saane Rinver, among other activities in stunning natural settings.


Arctic safaris, watching polar bears and whales are some of the proposed activities.


About 80% of Australia’s wilderness exists only in Australia, providing immense activity in unique natural settings.


Climbing, paragliding, rafting on the river Isel, canoeing, mountain biking, slide at waterfalls are some of the activities you can do in this country. Beyond of course, skiing.


A long coastline and many islands waiting to be explored by the more adventurous.


Ice cave tours, ice walks, snowmobile tours, whale watching, exotic bathing, snorkeling… there is plenty to choose from.


The bicycle is the means of transport of choice and allows you to carry out a series of adventure activities.



A vast nature is one of the most incredible things this country has to offer. In recent years efforts have been made to make national parks and other wilderness areas accessible to all nature lovers.


New Zealand

In this country, the most adventures will love the motorcycle rides off the road (water included), parachuting, exploring caves or experiencing bungy jumping…



The American Association of Adventure Tourism , in conjunction with George Washington University, ran the ranking of countries most conducive to adventure.

The criteria that were the basis of the choice of these 10 countries were:

1. Government policy on sustainable development
2. Security
3. Health
4. Natural wealth
5. Cultural wealth
6. Possibility of adventure activities
7. Entrepreneurship
8. Humanitarian factors
9. Tourism infrastructure
10. Trademarks


Source: Sapo Viagens

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