Do dolphins look cute to you?

Do dolphins look cute to you? Look at the haunting dark side that they hide

Although it may not seem like it, the animal world is full of tragic crimes committed, not only by humans, but by these same species. Although we are accustomed to believe that we are the only ones capable of committing enormous atrocities. You define them, these intelligent and friendly mammals, however sweet and innocent they may be, are one of the most aggressive species of the animal kingdom.


Here are the reasons :

As a form of entertainment dolphins beat porpoises to death in a rather brutal way, as their victims end up with jaws fractures and parts of the body destroyed, although some animals kill others to eat, these acts are performed only for fun since they do not. They compete with porpoises for food and never eat them after killing them.

The second theory apart from entertainment is more chilling, because it is believed that these killings do in order to practice their abilities to kill baby dolphins , since infanticide is a very normal aspect in this species.

And this does not end there, as many will know, the dolphin is another of the few animals that, in addition to the human being and some species of monkey, who have sex for pleasure. However, it is little known, the fact that male dolphins organize to form bands, with which they kidnap a female, to later take turns and to rape her, these abuses can last days or even weeks, if the female tries to escape, the They strike violently, causing various wounds. In the case of not finding a female, they abduct and rape the weakest male dolphin.

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Source & photos: lavozdelmuro

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