Extremely perfect painting of audrey hepburn

Extremely perfect painting of audrey hepburn

If you are an art-lover and value lively murals after that this short article is for you! Tristan Eaton, an artist who comes from Brooklyn has developed a mural-masterpiece as well as named it as “Audrey Hepburn.” He has actually juxtaposed an illustration of white and black with some abstract color line of gabs to produce the visually appealing picture. The whole paintwork was placed within a box of white shade as well as inside a large location of active colors simply bulged beside the red colored brick wall surface. The pedestrians simply could not simply stroll by without having a deep check out the work of art and valuing the amazing effort .

So look into audrey hepburn wall mural you always wanted.

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Tristan Eaton’s website
The L.I.S.A. Project website
via [Street Art News]

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