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Goat Yoga, new experience in Amsterdam

A goat farm in Amsterdam decided to give goat yoga classes where these animals are more than welcome. The original idea comes from the city of Oregon, in the United States, where a farm gives yoga classes with the participation of goats and who became famous for it.


Brenda Bood, a yoga teacher in Amsterdam and owner of the Ridammerhoeve farm where she grows goats, began to be encouraged by her students to teach with the participation of these animals, following the example of Oregon. Brenda thought about it and decided to accept the challenge. Now his classes on Saturday are completely exhausted.

Animals interact well with people and each class is different. According to the yoga instructor, “goats produce oxytocin and being surrounded by them makes the body more relaxed.”

At the end of each session, students can still get along with the animals and drink a cappuccino that carries goat’s milk. More info: viagens.sapo.pt | goatyogaamsterdam


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