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Japanese Cat Island – cat with Aoshima Island

Aoshima Island is one of the twelve Japanese islands, where cats are far superior in number of people living there (in the ratio 6: 1). The Aoshima over a hundred cats roam the island, sleeping curled up in abandoned houses or walk the quiet fishing village and and it’s a famous cat island. Tiny Aoshima recently popular among tourists who want to see with my own eyes feline kingdom.


Source: Theatlantic | Images source: Thomas Peter/Reuters

A huge flock of cats in the harbor on Aoshima Island, in Ehime Prefecture in southern Japan.

Cats meet people who go from boat to shore. Photographed in the harbor on February 25, 2015.

So it looks like a fishing village on the island of Aoshima.

The local woman drives away the cats, which blocked the entire passage to the street.

Cats gathered in the harbor in anticipation that visitors to the island will treat them with something delicious, because of the division of which often there are skirmishes between the mustachioed-striped.

Cats hang out on the pier of the island of Aoshima.

The red cat was quicker this time than the others, he first grabbed a fish, with which he hurried to move away from his brothers.

The cat walks past the ruined wooden shed on Aoshima Island. Dismissed on February 25, 2015.

The cat jumps off the piano. Photo taken in the music class of a long-abandoned school.

The track that the cat left in the hardening concrete, flaunts in the harbor.

A large flock of cats is crowded on the pier, meeting tourists coming to the island.

Кошки толпятся вокруг местной медсестры, которая несет мешок кошачьего корма в место их постоянной кормежки. Снято на острове Aoshima 25 февраля 2015 года.

Cats demandingly yelling in anticipation of the upcoming feeding.

Tailed Aoshima surrounded his wet nurse, the local nurse Atsuko Ogata, who was going to pour out their dry food on the ground.

A white-red cat jumps straight to the photographer to tear off a tasty sandwich with sausage from that hand.

Cats are fighting for food, none of them wants to give in.

A red-and-white kitty is studying a photographer, perched on the wall of an abandoned school on Aoshima Island.

Animals in one of the streets of the village.

The local resident communicates with the four-legged inhabitants of the island.

Aoshimsky cat jumped, hoping to get a treat from a tourist first, while the others are begging differently, persistently pulling a man for clothes.

cat island

Everyday life of Aoshim animals takes place mainly on the waterfront.

Lonely cat walking along the harbor.

cat island

A tourist from a boat takes pictures of animals.

Village nurse Atsuko Ogata bowed to the boat departing from the pier as a sign of respect.

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