The magic beauty of wild nature

The magic beauty of wild nature

Wild nature is amazing and so beautiful but sometime nature is lovely sometime it make us scary. Some photographers spend a long time a month or a year​ and patience to capture those meaningful beautiful pictures with because it’s depended on the weather.


Sony World Photography 2017 is one of the largest photo competitions in the world. The most impressive works will be on display at Somerset House in London from April 21 to May 7.

The stunning wild nature images below are some of the highlights of Sony’s 2017 World Photography. More info: dailymail


Let’s check these wild nature images:

Great image of the Milky Way, taken by Javier Martinez in Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma, Spain.

Beautiful rhinoceros rhinoceros moment at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Kenya). Photo by Mike Fell.

Photo by: Perdita Petzl

Stunning picture of Fuji mountain by Malaysian photographer Ann Ric.

The picture of a cold feeling of a partially frozen lake by Hiroshi Tanita.

The oak forest near the village of Moldava in the Ore Mountains, the Czech Republic has become beautifully dreamy under the snow. Photo: Tomas Vocelka.

Photographer Vladimir Voychuk shares a safe distance and admits the volcanic eruption of Klyuchevskaya Sopka (Russia) is a wonderful experience.

Image of the ghost of the forest on Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Italy). Photo by Antonio Caputo.

Photo by: Anastasiia Usoltceva

Photographer Shahbaz Majeed used a zoom lens to capture the beautiful Scottish landscape. Pictures of the sun shining down the high mountains at the far side bring a sense of surreal.

Two baboons in the highlands of Ethiopia. “It looks like they are sitting there thinking about life,” said photographer Bar Kaufman humorously sharing his work.

Photo by: Enrico Villa

The great feast of a seagull on Skomer Island in Wales. Photo by Nigel Hodson.

Photo by: Eugene Kitsios

The moment the viewer feels the beautiful life, a little garden squirrel looking for food for breakfast. Photo by Henrik Spranz.

The solitary steps of a beautiful sunshine elephant in Gujarat, India. Photo: Riya Sharma.

Photo by: Tibor Kercz

A male fish with egg cavity. Eyes that are clearly visible on each egg indicate that they are about to hatch. Photo by Henley Spiers.

A photo of a dragonfly parked on the frog’s head, which looked like photographer Lessy Sebastian’s helicopter, was appreciated by judges.

The mysterious beauty of a lake and forest in Bern Bernese Bern, Switzerland. Photo by Pedro Patricio.

Photo by: Eugene Kitsios

Photo by: Fahad Al-Enezi

A baby turtles swim into the sea after being born on Lissenung Island, Papua New Guinea. Photo: Matty Smith.

Photo by: Alessandra Meniconzi

Photo by: Johnny Krueger

The hunt of dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. Photo by Eugene Kitsiot.

Journey across the challenging Mara River (Tanzania) of thousands of antelope. In order to reach the green pasture of the river, the animals had to cramp together, to win the flow of water and escape the crocodiles’ teeth. Photo by Sonalini Khetrapal.

Photo by: Alexandr Meinik

A wild picture of a pair of birds feeding on her baby. Photo by: Min Ouyang

The waves on the west coast of Australia are gold-plated under the sun. Photo by Gordon Becker.

An awesome picture of dew-soaked damselfly taken by Frantisek Dulik

Photo by: Toshiyasu Morita

Photo by: Giovanna Griffo

Photo by: ZawZaw Aung

Photo by: Will Burrard-Lucas

Photo by: Will Burrard-Lucas

Photo by: Josselin Cornou

Belukha Mountain, Altai Republic, Russia. Photo by: Sorin Rechitan

Inner Mongolia, photo by Albert Tan Chee Hiang Tan

The Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island in Canada. Photo by Andrew Robertson

Lone green tree in Nagano Prefecture in Japan. Photo by Miyono Okamoto.

This gorgeous carpet is located in the mountainous countryside of Sibillini, Italy. Photo by Francesco Russo.

The image of a tree tops in the midst of a snow-covered area was named “determination” by Max Foster.

Wonderful sunset on the lavender field in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France. Photo by Fabio Antenore.

Photo by: Lynn Wu

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