The most unusual churches in the world

The most unusual churches in the world that are worth seeing

In the world there are many unusual churches in different styles and for different denominations. Nevertheless, some are so unusual that they deserve special attention.


Crystal Cathedral, United States

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Photo by Alejandro C

Begin to describe the amazing church is from that of the Protestant church in California. The building is almost entirely made of glass and is shaped like a four-sided crystal. During construction twelve thousand sheets of glass were used, and inside the body is the largest in the world with sixteen thousand tubes. If you do not know what is inside the church to understand it from the outside it will not be easy because of the incredibly futuristic and concise lines.

Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland

Photo by Veronique

In Iceland, amazing scenery, and this church fits them perfectly. This is the fourth tallest building in the country and the largest. The height of nearly seventy-five meters from the top – a platform for observation, with which you can admire Reykjavik. The name is connected with the Icelandic priest and poet Hadlgrimyurom Patterson. Appearance of construction to the form of geysers, of which there are so many. Construction of the building took many decades from 1945 to 1986. The result definitely turned out impressive, as is now the church is one of the most recognizable buildings in Iceland.

Jubilee Church, Italy

Photo credits: rechardmeier

Another church, beautiful shape that does not fit into any canons, located in Rome. The form of the building is hidden religious meaning. Three arches architect would depict Holy Trinity, and show a smooth mirror surface water, which is an important component baptism ceremony. Nevertheless, the appearance seems quite unusual and modern, because of the deep symbolism guess not everyone. That is why the church is so interesting.

St. Vasiliya Blazhennogo, Russia

Photo credits: Wikipedia

This church is considered to be on par with the Kremlin the main attractions of the city and the country as a whole. It was built in the sixteenth century on the orders Ivana Groznogo. About the data created by its architect is very contradictory. Legend has it that the king ordered to deprive the creator of the cathedral, that he could no longer create anything more beautiful. So it was or not, it is difficult to know, however, each guest of the capital required to see this incredibly beautiful cathedral, whose towers remind aspiring to the sky in flames.

Sagrada Familia, Spain


The product of a brilliant Spanish architect is one of the most famous unfinished buildings in the world. Construction was started in 1882 building The plan will end in 2026-m, in the hundredth anniversary of Gaudí’s death. However, dates are constantly changing, so it is impossible to guarantee with certainty this time. Anyway, the temple is already a very impressive sight, it can be seen from afar. Every detail of the finishes both outside and inside is something interesting. Even if you are indifferent to religion, this council should definitely visit.

Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, Brazil


The construction of this unusual church in the capital of Brazil was completed in 1970. Creator of the building Oscar Neymer wanted to depict the structure of asymmetric columns, each weighing ninety tons. The outlines of the columns depict hands raised in prayer to heaven. Through this building it looks very impressive and unusual. It is not surprising that it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Liverpool Cathedral, United Kingdom


This cathedral was conceived as the second largest in the world, but because of funding problems during the construction plan has been modified several times. The result was something that did not like the first idea, and very little resembling a normal Cathedral.

Cathedral of Milan, Italy


This cathedral is one of the largest in the world, the second interior space, inferior to the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. Construction of the cathedral began in 1368 and ended in five hundred years, in the early eighteenth century complete the design of the facade, Napoleon ordered. Now this building is one of the main attractions of Milan, which must see for every traveler.

Church of Paraportiani, Greece


Located on the island of Mykonos, the church was built in 1425 near the medieval fortress. The word “exit” sounds in Greek as “paraporti” so close to the exit from the castle and gave the building its name. The temple consists of four chapels below and one above.

Ossuary in Sedlec, Czech Republic

Photo credits: Genevieve Hathaway Photography

Finish this Czech church completely created from the bones, which explains the name. The temple was built on the territory of the ancient cemetery closed in 1870, and the interior was decorated with the remains of forty thousand people who have been here once buried. Author jewelry, half-blind monk František Rint, was instructed to “deal” with the cemetery area. He sorted the bones in size and shape, washed and bleached them and then put them in whimsical combinations. The result was intimidating ceremonial. The legendary church with the bones finish attracts many tourists every year.


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