Photos will make you want to go to Ireland

These photos will make you drop everything and go to Ireland

Ireland – is not only a famous beer Guinness and pubs with traditional music. Known throughout the world as the “Emerald Isle,” Ireland is fully consistent with his nickname. Green meadows, forests and hills allow you to enjoy the amazing natural beauty, and the large and small towns are ready to satisfy even the most inflated requests gourmets and shopaholics.


Here are some reasons why you should definitely visit Ireland.


The breathtaking scenery of Connemara National Park

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Located on the west coast of Ireland, Connemara National Park, it offers a unique view of almost untouched flora and fauna, covering a huge area, where there are mountains, heaths, fields and marshes.

Handmade souvenirs from Galway

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Also known as “the most authentic places in Ireland” Galway is home to a variety of art galleries, studios and shops selling art, interior design and handmade souvenirs. It is also a city of young people, about one-quarter of its population – students.

View of the Atlantic ocean with Cliffs of Moher

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Tall cliffs not only stunning views of the raging Atlantic at their base, they are also a habitat for many wild birds. In addition, fans of the Harry Potter films will know this place like the most, where Harry and Dumbledore were looking for a Horcrux.

Fresh seafood on the Dingle Peninsula

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The westernmost point of interest Ireland – Dingle Peninsula. There is almost everything – the ocean and the green meadows, cliffs and pubs. There you can sunbathe, surf or walk along the scenic roads and trails, and even on the peninsula be sure to try the fresh seafood.

The picturesque streets of Dublin

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The capital of Ireland and its largest city, have to be on your list of Irish interest. The city is full of historic sites and pubs crowded with a rich history and friendly lodgers, not to mention art galleries and bookstores. Do not go around the side of Trinity College, which impresses with its historical buildings, or Grafton Street – one of the main shopping streets, bordering the St Stephen’s Green – a magnificent urban park.

Amazing paved roads giants

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This natural attraction looks like it is from another planet. The ancient inhabitants of Ireland believed that it was built by giants – so the place got its name. But in fact, a great road – the result of the eruption of an ancient volcano. This is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Northern Ireland.

Culture Aran Islands

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On the Aran Islands are practically no cars, and the local villages are still standing without many modern conveniences. But it is full of charming fur seals, people dressed in traditional costumes and the sounds of the traditional Gaelic dialect. From Galway to the islands can be reached by ferry in 4 minutes, and it’s definitely worth the trip.

Traditional Irish music and dancing

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Traditional Irish music is often found in pubs where musicians generally begin with the guitar. But it does not pass a minute, to the tune of connected instruments and sounds incredible, and people begin to dance around. The best place to join one of these dance sessions, a coastal village of Doolin on the west coast of Ireland. It is the center of traditional Irish music.

Beauty Cooley Peninsula

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If you plan to visit the peninsula of Cooley, start your little trip on the location of the medieval village of Carlingford and continue to go along the coast. It is often windy and rainy, but the breathtaking views help to survive the bad weather. The peninsula is located in the northeastern part of Ireland, and he is still not swarmed with tourists, so you can experience the true beauty of nature, being alone with her.

Charming manor Powerscourt in County Wicklow

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This amazing castle of the XIII century are definitely worth a visit. If you aspire not to save, you can even spend the night in the rooms of the palace, like unto the princes and princesses of the medieval times.

High sea cliff Slieve League

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This is a less publicized version of the cliffs of Moher. Some of the highest cliffs in Europe are located in the north-west of Ireland. You can climb to the top of Slieve League and from there to evaluate the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Dublin Writers Week

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Each year in May, Dublin is the venue for Writers Week. Best literary talents of the world come to this literary city, to discuss the trends and books, give lectures and hold debates. If you are in Dublin at this time of year, do not miss the chance to see and hear contemporary writers.

Beauty highway Horseshoe Gleniff

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Horseshoe Gleniff – six-mile loop in the shape of a horseshoe. It is ideal for hiking, cycling and observing the beauty of the scenery from the car window. Gleniff open your waterfalls, old stone houses and green hills. This is a place – a real hidden treasure of Ireland.

Beach Waves Mullaghmore


It is a little-known and seldom visited seaside Irish town. Despite its small size and quiet, do not miss this charming fishing village with golden sandy beaches. This place attracts more and more surfers due to high waves, which can reach 17 meters in height.

Nightlife Belfast

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The capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city of the island is worth a visit for any traveler. Here is the Ulster Museum – home of delicious ancient artifacts. In the city of traditional bars and pubs mixed with night clubs that allow you to continue to have fun from dusk to dawn.

The world-famous Guinness beer

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It is said that Ireland would not be Ireland without Guinness. And although it is not so, because this great country would not lose its charm without the famous brewery, but a pint of the black should certainly be on the table of every Irish person. This is the rule, and it is not necessary to break it, it’s no wonder the beer is famous all over the world.

Skellig Islands from the list of UNESCO World Heritage

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These islands are very familiar to fans of Star Wars, but it does not mean that only they will find meaning in visiting this unique place. You can visit the monastery complex of the VI century, situated on a large island – Skellig Michael. Two rocky islands of the archipelago are also a paradise for bird watchers.

Stop in one of the hotel-castles

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Let it not cheap, but nothing in the world will not make you feel so special blue blood as a night spent in one of these hotels. You will be dining in the spacious dining room, sleeping on a high bed with a velvet canopy and take a bath with a view of the beautiful gardens.

Traditional Irish cuisine

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What Guinness beer lovers, the sweet bread and stew in pots portioned gourmet. In addition to the excellent seafood that you can try all over the coast of Ireland, do not leave the country without tasting traditional dishes.

A romantic walk on Abbey Kaylmor

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The castle was built for a wealthy British businessman Mitchell Henry as a private residence for his family, but his wife tragically died shortly after the completion of construction. In her memory, Henry built a small church on the castle grounds. From 1923 to 2010 the castle was placed under the control of a school of Benedictine nuns. Abbey surrounded by beautiful Victorian gardens.

Colorful streets of Cork city

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This city – a paradise for photographers. Proud locals call it the “real capital of Ireland”. The city center is full of colorful houses and coffee shops on every corner. Where you get a great photo. If you have your own page on the “Instagrame”, be sure to visit Cork.

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