Pretty cute japanese contemporary artist

Pretty cute japanese contemporary artist

Art lovers will certainly like this wonderful website link shown above. The link shares some of the remarkable images created by the cutting-edge artists, who utilize daily items and change them into an old art type . With their imaginative skills and frame of minds , they can literally invoke modern masterpieces . Some of the spectacular art types as shared in this fantastic link include shadow art, book landscapes, land art, 3D illusion sculptures, anamorphic impressions, architecture installations , light art, paper illustrations and lots of more that are really stunning . When it concerns arts, sky appears to be the limit for these terrific artists of this modern period.

So look into art movements of the 21st century today.

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1. Kumi Yamashita: Shadow Art

by: Kumi Yamashita


2. Guy Laramee: Carved Book Landscapes

by: Guy Laramee


3. Cornelia Konrads: Land Art

by: Cornelia Konrads


4. Riusuke Fukahori: 3D Illusion Sculptures

by: Riusuke Fukahori


5. Felice Varini: Anamorphic Illusions

by: Felice Varini


6. Daniel Arsham: Architecture Installations

by: Daniel Arsham


7. Bruce Munro: Light Art

by: Bruce Munro


8. Yulia Brodskaya: Paper Illustrations

by: Yulia Brodskaya


9. Young-Deok Seo: Bicycle Chain Sculptures

by: Young-Deok Seo


10. Yayoi Kusama: Polka Dot Installations

by: Kusama

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