Pretty unique nature inspired crafts

Pretty unique sculptures inspired by nature

Fired artisan Jennifer McCurdy has been making sculptures inspired by nature and doing creation with chinaware for more than thirty years, making whirling models perked up by routine. Living on Martha’s Vineyard, the artisan undertakings to make her work mirror the greatness of life that encompasses her. What makes her late collection of work so one of a kind is that she lights up the inner parts of her ceramic productions with 23 carat gold leaf. The sculptures inspired by nature of her do not simply show development, by expelling bits of earth from the structures and including gold leaf. the craftsman offers the hallucination that they’re shining from inside. Visit the above mentioned connect to have an extensive knowledge on her.

So check out objects inspired by nature today.

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Gilded Coral Nest

Gilded Vortex Vessel

Gilded Wheat Bowl

Gilded Wind Nest

Gilded Magritte’s Vessel

Gilded Coral Candle


Gilded Butterfly Flame


Gilded Articulated Vortex


Gilded Coral Nest Detail


Jennifer McCurdy’s website

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