Pyramid, the land where time must be scared

Pyramid, the land where time must be scared

“Everything is afraid of time, but the time must be afraid of the pyramid” is the Egyptian pride of the grandeur and longevity of almost 5,000 years of pyramids in this country.


Of the more than 130 pyramids found in this country, the pyramid of Giza is considered to be the greatest, and is also the last of the seven ancient wonders that have survived until nearly 5,000 years ago.¬†Kheops are the largest pyramid in Egypt. Over time it has been devastated and damaged, surface and size changed part. This pyramid is made up of over 2.3 million blocks of stone, each weighing between 2 and 30 tons, some weighing more than 50 tons. The height of the current tower is 138.75 m, the edge length is 230 m. Situated in the same 3 pyramids complex, there is the pyramid of Pharaoh Menkaure, the fourth dynasty, and the Pharaoh Khafre. All three pyramids lie in line with the three stars that make up the constellation of Orion’s Belt. The path down to the Pyramid of Giza is straight to the North Star named Alpha Draconis. Inside the Egyptian pyramids, the temperature is always constant, about 20 degrees Celsius.

Today’s visitors often find pyramids of rough appearance, but according to scientists, it is due to the devastation over time, the fact that they were originally clad with a layer Shiny limestone reflects the sunlight like a brilliant mirror in the desert. Guests rest on the side of the giant stone blocks that make up the pyramid. Each block weighs between 15 and 30 tons, weighs 50 tons. In particular, they are extremely smoothly grinded and aligned so well that air can not pass through. Not only tourists but people from all over the country also want to see the Great Pyramid once and for all.

Everyday, many local people focus on tourism services such as camel rides, horse racing, souvenir shops, costumes, guides…¬†The cost for a camel ride is $5, sitting up for a photo shoot is $2. Generally speaking, these service providers will scream for high prices, but bargain-hunters may be willing to pay a 50-70% discount. Although the weather is very hot, many visitors enjoy the camel riding in the desert to experience the old days. Farouk Elkassass said one day he could earn about $ 50 for a camel service to help his family survive.

The Khephren pyramid is not far away from the Sphinx with the head of a lion. This is the largest monolithic stone statue in the world. The statue is 73.5 meters long and 20.2 meters high. According to archaeological documents, the sphinx was built by Pharaoh Diedefre, a brother of Khepheren. He builds on his father’s image and to restore respect for the dynasty. In 1880, when it was discovered that the statue had been buried by the sand thousands of years ago, over time the nose on the statue had broken and had yet to find a cause.

After the excavation of the pyramids, the tombs, antiquities and mummies were transferred to the Egyptian National Museum for safekeeping and confidentiality. The museum now houses over 120,000 rare artifacts. Local guides Ahmed Elsayad said there are extremely rare treasures such as the golden mask of King Tutankhamun, the mummy mask of Psusennes, the statue of King Phafre, the stone of Merneptah …

The museum also displays many ancient coffins, mummified pharaohs. But the area is not allowed to take pictures, video. The statues are engraved on the stone coffins, or on the walls of the tomb. Egyptians have the famous saying: “Everything is afraid of time, time is afraid of the pyramid.” After thousands of years, the pyramid is still a great symbol in human history. More info:

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