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Useful tips for traveling with your pets

Identification and up-to-date vaccines: Before traveling with your pets, up to date vaccines is important to remember that despite being an animal, your best friend also needs documents. You should bring a passport to countries that comply with the PETS Travel Scheme so that you can present all the information regarding your pet’s identification and microship number. In addition, the passport also acts as a bulletin of your pet’s vaccines. It is therefore important that you pay a visit to the veterinarian in advance to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date and that the veterinarian signs the passport and confirms that everything is in order for the trip.


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If you are going to travel by plane: The first, and perhaps most obvious, step is to buy a ticket for your pet. To be able to bring your pet with you in the cabin you must weigh less than 8 kilos (but you should always consult the regulations of the airline you are traveling in as this number may vary) and be transported in an IATA approved transport box. No matter how much you feel, you can not take it out of the box during the flight. If your pet weighs more than 8 pounds, in that case it will have to be transported in the basement, but do not worry, the crew will do everything possible to make your pet feel comfortable and leave the light, ventilation or heating on during the trip.

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Get ready for the nervous little thing: As we all know animals also have feelings and the same applies to nerves. As with some humans, it is natural for your pet to become more anxious and nervous about the trip. Although some veterinarians advise the use of anxiolytics on animals during travel, IATA suggests that animals that travel by plane are drug-free in order to avoid respiratory complications or balance.

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If you choose to travel by car: A car trip also requires some planning. If you do not already have one, you should purchase a protective seat net with obstructions to prevent your pet from jumping into the front seats and to ensure that all occupants of the car are kept safe while traveling. If the trip is long, do not forget to make several stops along the way, at most every two hours, so that your best friend can be relieved and so that both can stretch their legs.


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Do not miss your best buddy sight: When the subject is our pets anything can happen. As sometimes the worst situations happen, it is best to put temporary identification tags on the collar, with number and name of the place where you will be staying, so that it is easier to find your pet in case it gets lost.

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