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Top destinations that you should visit this year

You are thinking about your trip in this year, right? we elaborated 15 places of top destinations that you should visit once in your life. So inspire yourself in our photo gallery of those amazing places below, it will make you want to travel.


1. Japan

The land of the rising sun surprises by its culture that combines hospitality, organization and citizenship in a unique way, not to mention the beautiful landscapes and big cities. The Japan is in many travelers dream list.

Photo: pixabay

2. Lofoten Islands, Norway

A hidden treasure in Norway, of a wild nature, marked by mountains, fjords, coves and picturesque villages. The fact that it is one of the last places in the wild of Europe soon provokes a desire to pack and explore this archipelago in the Arctic Circle.

Photo: pixabay

3. Russia

Forget the ideas you have about this destination and get ready to discover a group full of good surprises, which is sure to surprise by the positive.

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4. Vietnam: A hospitable people, good gastronomy , frenetic cities , ancient culture and beautiful natural landscapes. Of the several Southeast Asian countries we heard about this year, Vietnam was number one on the list.

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5. Sri Lanka

Continuing through Asia, Sri Lanka is a country that is attracting more and more tourists and showing its best side, after a past marked by the war. Nature is one of its trumps, but it is not, at all, the only one.

Photo: pixabay

6. Sardinia, Italy

A destination for beach lovers, ideal for a perfect summer vacation. The second largest island in the Mediterranean  has beautiful beaches , being difficult to choose the most beautiful .

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7. Copenhagen, Denmark

We return to northern Europe and mark Copenhagen on our map. A city that deserves to be visited and which makes you want to return. Although they are known as the Latins of Scandinavia, the Danes manage to have a way of life very different from ours.

Photo: pixabay

8. Paris, France

The city of lights never tires and there is always a good reason to return. The French capital has suffered a drop in visitors due to terrorist attacks but, with even more security, Paris is always a good idea .

Photo: pixabay

9. London, England

Another European capital that does not tire and that is always in fashion. And it’s easy to see why. London is a multicultural metropolis where there is always something to do , museums are free, people are friendly and tourist attractions are many. At Christmas, the English capital gains a special magic.

Photo: pixabay

10. Florence, Italy

Florence is luxurious and captivating with its narrow streets and imposing palaces. That which was the capital of the Renaissance remains a city ​​of the arts , an open-air museum that deserves to be explored without scripts and with calm.

Photo: pixabay

11. Budapest, Hungary

The city divides that unites the lovers of trips, thus was described the capital of Hungary by the travelers of the Volto JÁ. The “Paris of the East” has a very own identity and a special brightness when the day ends.

Photo: pixabay

12. Australia

A country that is almost a continent, which lies on the other side of the world and is part of the imagination of every traveler, whether by kangaroos and koalas, magnificent landscapes and stunning Sydney. Is it worth arranging a trip to Australia? Of course !

Photo: pixabay

13. Tunisia

A country that struggles to win back tourists after going through a troubled social and political period. The Tunisia has much to offer those who resolve to break some prejudices and decide to meet a fantastic destinations

Photo: pixabay

14. Iceland

Another destination that is on the “wish list” of many travel lovers. The nature rugged and raw Iceland seems to hypnotize those who have been there.

Photo: sapo viagens

15. Zambia

We finished this top with another country aimed at wildlife lovers, especially for those who dream of doing a safari in the African savannah and trying to see animals closely in their natural habitat.

Photo: pixabay

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