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Traveling to see the best wildlife experiences

If you are a wildlife lover and are looking for places where you can observe animals in their natural habitat, this selection is for you. Because traveling in a sustainable way to places like these is also a way to help preserve wildlife.


Watching gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda, swimming with fish on coral reefs, taking a safari in South Africa or bird watching in a forest near you are wildlife experiences that can enrich any trip.

Get to know in the gallery of photos below a selection of 14 experiences that allow you to closely observe animals, some in danger of extinction, in their natural habitats. Which one would you most like to try?


Watching Gorillas. Where: mountain of Rwanda and Uganda. Photo: pixabay


Do a Safari. Where: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana or Zambia. Photo: pixabay


Watch tigers. Where: India and Nepal. Photo: pixabay


Watch whales. Where: Portugal (Madeira or Azores), Norway, Iceland, United States (California, Alaska) or Canada. Photo pixabay


See penguins. Where: Antarctica. Photo: pixabay


Watch brown bears. Where: Canada or United States. Photo: pixabay


Swim with dolphins. Where: Portugal (Azores or Madeira), Mexico, United States (Florida), Cuba, Hawaii, Punta Cana, Egypt, among others. Photo: pixabay


Watching birds. Where: Portugal, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, among other places. Photo: pixabay


Observe orangutans. Where: Borneo. Photo: pixabay



Swimming on coral reefs. Where: Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, Hawaii, Maldives, among other places. Photo: pixabay


Observe polar bears. Where: Arctic


Watch giant pandas. Where: China


Swimming with jellyfish. Where: Lake of the Medusa, Palau Islands. Photo: pixabay


See giant tortoises. Where: Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador. Photo: pixabay


Source: Sapo Viagens

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