Hotel with the world's longest infinity pool

Hotel with the world’s longest infinity pool

One of Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) ‘s most attractive attractions, the infinity pool, which is the size of three Olympic pools, contains 1,424 m3 of water.


Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s premier business, leisure and casino complex, located on Marina Bay. From a distance, the skyscrapers resemble a large ship, nearly 200 meters high. Photo: Shutterstock.


Each year, 2,561 hotel rooms welcome more than a million guests. On average, the hotel reception awarded 36,000 room keys a month. Photo: GettyImage.

Marina Bay Sands consists of three 55-storey hotel towers, connected by a 1-acre Sands SkyPark. Visitors flock to the £ 3.5 billion complex to enjoy luxury casino venues, world-class museums, music shows, luxury restaurants, trendy shopping. Photo: Shutterstock.

But the top attraction is the infinity pool, which is the size of three Olympic pools combined, which holds 1,424 m3 of water. Marina Bay Sands is considered to be the world’s longest elevated swimming pool, located on the roof of the building. Photo: Shutterstock.

As a swimming pool staff, two MCs witnessed the hotel’s marathon laundry process to wash thousands of towels daily. The hotel also has a uniform shop, supplying 160,000 uniforms with 600 different models. Daily consumption of workers working in the complex consumes 826 kg of rice, 1,200 kg of protein and meat, and 1,499 kg of vegetables. This is equivalent to the weight of an Asian elephant. Photo: Getty Images.

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